How it works


An organic agent, therefore not chemical inorganic, is mixed with water and acts as a disinfectant during the internal air wash cycle. The air cleaning action is very similar to the rain process: as a result, the dirty particles agglomerate and fall together with the water into a tank.

This air washing cleanse is patented and it facilitates the formation of finer particulate agglomerates in “clusters” which are easily disposable during the drainage of the tank. The resulting water and disinfecant can be evacuated throughout the sewage system without contaminating the environment, as the organic additive is absolutely harmless to the groundwaters and the environment.

The channeling of the airflow inside the device and the subsequent introduction into the environment originate secondary benefits, which however are of primary importance. In fact, the system is able to track and notice the CO2 rate by signaling any possible critical thresholds; is able to break down unpleasant smells that are soluble in water like smoke or sweat and can keep the environment at a pleasant temperature of 20°C avoiding the bacterial proliferation, delivering air at a rate of humidity between 60 and 70%, humidifying or dehumidifying the environment in which it is placed and thus giving the surrounding environment a refreshing action.


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